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Solution center

Integration center

With the pace of change in the technology industry continuing to accelerate, Avnet’s customers are increasingly outsourcing their integration requirements to save costs and speed time to market. Avnet's eight state-of-the-art Global Integration Centers worldwide provide the most advanced integration and logistics capabilities available to handle any scope of requirements requested. Use the files below to create presentations, respond to requests for proposals or create collateral.

The global standardised production methodology insure partners requests around the world will be addressed consistently amongst Avnet facilities. 

The facility is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, meeting high quality standards for production of computer equipment for medical and other industries.
Additional certifications are extended to the facility by regulatory organisation (e.g. UL, CSA …) in the scope that are defined by supplier and customer programmes.

Engineering services

The quoting and onboarding of projects is facilitated by the Solution desk, who also take part in RFP/RFQ answers with the business development and sales organisations. The scope of project management may extend to ECR analysis and actions plans, support for large ECO and control of validated deviation.

Project services include proof of concepts, first articles builds for new projects, as well as sustaining services such as EVO and ECO for customer projects.

Global footprint

The integration center is part of a network of facilities sharing common practices and tools, enabling partners to build anywhere and Design anywhere, without the need to duplicate complex validation and roll-out processes.

The teams of industry leading technical professionals perform based on global standardised production methodology, fully aligned with global and regional compliance regulations.

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Warehouse Locations

Find out more about our different warehouse locations within EMEA

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About Avnet EMEA

Quality information

Avnet Logistics in Europe operates Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9001, EN/AS 9120 and ISO 14001.

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Avnet EMEA

Value Added Services

Backed by in-house experts and a deep online inventory, Avnet’s value-added services help you produce custom products without costly overhead.

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Job Openings at Avnet Logistics

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