The Internet of Things (IoT)

You hear about the Internet of Things (IoT) more and more with each passing day. You are ready to capitalise on what IoT can offer your business and your customers. One thing is for certain, there is no simple, one size fits all approach to IoT.

There is also a clear need for an ecosystem of companies to enable the different technologies and required services for your IoT deployment to be successful. This is where engaging Avnet as your guide is the strategy that will take you further than you ever would have imagined.

Avnet can offer component and service solutions for success with IoT. More importantly our people have the know-how and experience to make sure you arrive at the ultimate destination.

Market Specific Approach to IoT

The Avnet team never sees IoT as a technology or service unto itself. We see a number of technologies and services that are integrated around a specific market application. Using this approach our team understands the different standards and protocols that fit with the market. Our deep supplier relationships give us insight into which of our partners is best suited to support your requirements.

There’s no shortage of industry standards making their way into, or arising as a result of, IoT. Some standards are established and others are emerging. Some are competing and others have become the de facto one to follow. In all of these scenarios, you’ll never be alone trying to learn them yourself and figure which is best for you. The Avnet team is a part of many of the committees shaping these standards across communication, security and interoperability. Our team will share their experience, giving you the insight on which ones to align your solution with.

Our flexible approach also means we understand there is usually more than one way to accomplish your objectives. We’ll show you the various options and guide you to the one that aligns with the skills of your team, your business model and your time to market objectives. We can show you how to design a circuit board with sensing, processing and connectivity features or integrate off the shelf boards and modules into an embedded appliance. We’ll guide you to the right components you need for different IoT applications such as:

And a whole lot more.

Services to Take You through Every Step of Your IoT Solution

When you decide to move forward with an IoT solution, you’ll encounter times when a little extra help is extremely beneficial. We’re ready at every stage to assist with services that extend or augment your own resources:

IoT provides an amazing opportunity for you. The journey will take you through unchartered waters but with Avnet to guide you, you’ll reach further than you’d ever imagine. Get started today by reaching out to your local Avnet sales office.

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Avnet Abacus can offer component and service solutions for success with IoT. More importantly our people have the know-how and experience to make sure you arrive at the ultimate destination.

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