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You’ve got a great idea, one that’ll be a game changer in the market. The challenge is how do you take that concept and make it a reality….quickly? With Avnet’s embedded computing offering, you have a complete set of technologies at your disposal, and an experienced team to help develop the right solution. Our resources give you the power to leverage what we do best; ensure that your applications win in the marketplace, and you’re freed up to focus on what you do best, innovate.

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Navigating processing options

The heart of what makes your solution function is embedded processing. Embedded processing comes in a wide range of form factors, processor architectures and peripheral configurations. You need more than a catalog, you need a partner that has a long term view of processor roadmaps with a deep understanding of how to balance size, power and computing around the features that differentiate your application.

To complete your hardware appliance, Avnet’s portfolio of enclosures, storage devices and visual solutions are matched to fit your requirements. Avnet takes a system level approach when recommending embedded computing components to ensure performance and cost effectiveness.

Avnet has long term, strategic relationships with the leading technology providers in each embedded computing and peripheral category. We get early access to the new product releases, with our technical team factory trained and certified before these products are even announced. Working with Avnet means you can take advantage of this to stay ahead of the competition.

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Services to support you every step of the way

Embedded systems require assembly. This is not likely an area you want to invest your limited capital in or spend your precious time managing. Avnet takes the burden off you with our investments in global, ISO certified, integration centers. Our capabilities span every aspect of your product lifecycle:

  • Design
  • Make
  • Supply
  • Deliver

First, we listen to fully understand your goals and objectives. We ask the right questions to define and identify your resources, capabilities and preferences. Then we present the best options so you can make the right decisions. Our process begins with the end product in mind, as we walk you through each step of the journey in creating a solid game plan for you to win in the marketplace.

Just like the interoperable and flexible products we offer, Avnet’s services are fully compatible and designed so you can pick the ones that serve you best. Our goal is fill in any gaps you have so you get to market quickly and inexpensively. From taking your concept and bringing it to life, to ensuring it’s available to meet demand; Avnet’s integration, supply-chain and post-sales support are at your service.

Avnet takes the complexity out of getting your IP to market quickly and effectively. Our portfolio of embedded computing technologies, software and peripherals complemented by an experienced technical staff and full suite of lifecycle services gives you exactly what you need to win in the market.

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System engineers with experience designing end market applications

Avnet’s System Engineering team all come from a background of designing successful embedded computing systems at OEMs. They understand the pressure you face to hit tight market windows and know the best practices to achieve the goal. Each individual specializes in distinct areas of the overall system such has processing, storage, software or visual solutions and collaborates with their peers to present you with options that fit the big picture.

Each member of the team attends the same training and is certified at the same level as the technology provider’s own technical resources. You benefit from our team being well versed in each supplier and technology we offer, not just one brand. Beyond this, our team is well respected by the supplier community and is often consulted for market trends and to help shape new product offerings.
When you’re considering the trade-offs between processing architectures or storage options or any other aspect of your embedded system, the Avnet team will give you unbiased advice and make recommendations around your unique objectives. 


More about Avnet Integrated Solutions in EMEA

At Avnet Integrated Solutions, we serve leading industrial equipment and device manufacturers who need to develop better and smarter devices for their end customers. Our team of experts offers proven, end-to-end guidance on planning, design, integration, production and deployment of technology solutions that meet your market needs.
MSC Technologies, the technology brand of Avnet Integrated Solutions, specialises in intelligent embedded and display solutions for a range of different inustrial applications. Our manifold solution competency will particularly benefit customer needing a tailored system that is based on building blocks and can be delivered quickly. 

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Avnet Logistics

Avnet Logistics GmbH is a centralised logistical backbone, who provides warehouse operations, value added and product modification services exclusively to Avnet EMEA sales divisions.

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When you’re designing a new product or solution, the best way to see how your system will perform is by using a tool that integrates all of your key features.


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Our services and solutions have been developed specifically to reduce costs, streamline materials management processes, and improve information flows between Avnet and its customers.

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