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Setting a Course For A Golf Course With Bing Maps

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Setting a Course For A Golf Course With Bing Maps


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With more than 25 million regular players worldwide, there’s no doubt that golf is one of the most popular past times on the planet.  And it’s a sport that’s growing every year.  The National Golf Foundation predicts that another 4 million people will begin or return to the game next year.

Teeing Off On Travel

Golfers are also a unique bunch in the fact that they don’t always stick to their home turf.  In fact, approximately 10% of all golfers travel with the sole purpose of playing golf at different courses.

And how do you find the best course while in unfamiliar territory?  Maps, of course.

Finding The Green On The Go

Any major course will have a map on their website so that you can find them, but what if you want to search for a course with specific amenities?  With 32,000 courses in more than 140 countries throughout the world, you’re going to need more than guesswork.  Luckily, there’s an app for that.  More and more golf technology is including course finder functionality.  For example, Game Golf Live, a hot new wearable technology, has recently been upgraded to include Bing Maps, making it one of the most powerful course rangefinders on the market.

Virtual Play At Virtuoso Courses

For most players, the obsession with golf goes beyond just playing the game.  They watch the pros on television and dream about one day playing the world-class courses.  Bing Maps recognized this and gave them a way to experience those exclusive greens without ever leaving the comfort of their armchair.  The company recently added 3-D imagery of the world’s preeminent courses to its arsenal of high-resolution maps.  Players can get a birds-eye view of the rolling greens of the storied Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia or zoom down for an up close look at the 18th hole at the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland.

The Future Of Golf And Map Technology

It’s convenient to be able to find a course with just a tap of your smart phone and fun to be able to peak at far flung courses you may never actual play, but the potential of mapping technology in the sport is so much bigger than that.

Imagine never losing another ball.  Golf entertainment facility, Topgolf already uses RFID technology to allow players to track shots, score competitions and help customers better their game.  But what if you used those same RFID enabled balls on your regular course?  And what if the sensor data was then displayed on a map?  And what if GPS then walked you directly to your ball?  A whole lot of players would save a whole lot of money on lost balls.

What if your golf cart could drive itself?  The technology is all here.  With cameras, sensors and detailed maps, it won’t be too long before you hop into self-driven cart.

What Can Bing Maps Do For You?

Regardless of your industry, mapping technology has the potential, to well, put you on the map.  Bing Maps has been changing the game for customers of all sorts.  Contact us to learn how to use maps to better engage with your customers – wherever they are.

Phone: 1-800-374-3044  Email: mapping@avnet.com

Program details: http://www.avnetmssolutions.com/bingmaps/

Written by: Gina Haraway

Gina Haraway is Avnet Embedded's Director of Supplier Business Development, Microsoft Global. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry and 6 years at Avnet, Gina has held several positions and has extensive knowledge and experience in inside & field sales, account development and supplier business development. She is a regular contributor to http://www.IntelligentSystem.com.




Setting a Course For A Golf Course With Bing Maps

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