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Welcome to the eUICC test card for Brainium in a box


You are about to play with the Avnet eUICC test card

  • This eUICC (2FF plastic format) is uniquely identified by its eID 
  • It has been preloaded with the following:
    • 1 Vodafone test profile
    • 1 Arkessa test profile
    • 10GB of pre-paid Vodafone data communication valid for 3 months in Europe zone (28 countries + Switzerland & Norway)
    • 50 MB of pre-paid Arkessa data communication valid for 3 months worldwide after activation (click here for the exhaustive list of countries included)

The test card also includes:

  • A Vodafone test account for managing the Vodafone pre-paid communication:
    • Profile activation, data usage, etc.
  • An Arkessa test account for managing the Arkessa pre-paid communication
    • Profile activation, data usage, etc.
  • On-demand eUICC administration services from Avnet
    • Profile swap between Vodafone and Arkessa, fallback management, profile delete and download, etc.


Getting started

  • Register your test pack by filling here-under Registration fields.
  • We will create test accounts with Vodafone and Arkessa and notify you.
  • Once done, just connect and activate your eUICC and enjoy.
  • On demand, we will be happy to demonstrate live downloads and swaps between Arkessa and Vodafone on your eUICC so that you can fully appreciate the technology potential.

Learn more about eUICC and services


Please provide us with the information requested below and we will create your test accounts with Vodafone and Arkessa. 

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Idemia - augmented identity


Avnet eUIIC Operator Partners -8LC)

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Avnet Idemia eUICC partner operatios: Arkessa, Vodafone

Example : eID number on your test card

eUICC - Your Eval Pack Number
Please when you register, indicate the eID number (highlighted in green)

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