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Explore innovative product solutions

No matter what phase of the product lifecycle you’re in, learn how you can design your next project with the most coveted technology to hit the market. Browse more information on our highlighted products below.

EMEA Product Highlights TE Connectivity

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TE Connectivity

We'll give you a lift!

Armed with decades of experience scaling hardware and engineering expertise, Avnet and TE Connectivity can help you get your idea to market.

EMEA_Home and building automation Grid

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IoT Solutions

Antennas with Avnet and Molex

Avnet and Molex bring you a portfolio of high-performing solutions and associated technologies that enable you to transform concepts into smart connected designs across a wide range of applications

Aavid - Think ahead thermally product spotlight

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Think ahead thermally

Find out more about Aavid thermal management products from Avnet Abacus

Prod ON Semi Optocouplers (RM)

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ON Semiconductor


ON Semiconductor (formerly Fairchild) is a leader in the design and production of optoelectronics devices.

Maxim Integrated max14913-grid (LM)

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Maxim Integrated


Highly Robust and Ultra-Fast 24V Driver, Capable of 200kHz Switching Rate, Improves Factory Throughput.



CIPOS™ Nano products comprise of a series of fully integrated 3-phase or half-bridge surface-mount motor control circuit solutions.

Sample of Infineon CIPOS™ Nano package



Ready to use 2G cellular module embedding a SIM card with a prepaid data plan.

EBVchips Heracles

Prod ST Standard Products (RM)

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Standard Products

ST offers one of the broadest range of industry-standard and drop-in replacements for the most popular general-purpose analog ICs, discrete and serial EEPROM, guaranteeing the highest quality standards in high volume production.

Prod Microchip EtherCAT Development Kit (RM)

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EtherCAT Development Kit

Easy to use EtherCAT Starter Kit has a Pmod™ and Arduino compatible interface, as well as a header with all I/Os of the LAN9252, which allows the direct connection to microcontroller starter kits from many suppliers for fast prototyping.

Prod MPS mEZ Plug and Play DC/DC Power Modules (RM)

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mEZ Plug & Play DC/DC Power Modules

Being proven experts in innovative design of DC/DC power converters, MPS’s simple, easy DC/DC solutions power a broad range of applications with high efficiency, wide input voltage and cost effective form factors.

ON Semiconductor

IoT Development Kit

ON Semiconductor's highly flexible IoT Development Kit provides solutions for easier design and accelerates time to market.

Molex ML-XT sealed connection system Product Spotlight

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ML-XT™ sealed connection system

The rugged ML-XT™ connection system with market-leading high-performance seal technology is a cost-competitive solution offering superior reliability for critical vehicle-wiring applications in harsh environments.

TE Connectivity Press Fit Connector

Bourns MF-NSHT & MF-USHT Series Fuses Product Spotlight

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MF-NSHT & MF-USHT high temperature fuses

Bourns is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Model MF-NSHT and MF-USHT series high temperature Multifuse® polymer PTC resettable fuses.