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Product Highlights

Below please find the latest and greatest product highlights accross the EMEA Region. 

Molex Mega-Fit Power Connectors - Product Spotlight

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Mega-Fit® Power Connectors

Mega-Fit® Power Connectors deliver cutting-edge current density at 23.0A per circuit.

Hirose FFC/FPC Connector solutions - Product Spotlight

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Flexible FFC/FPC connector solutions

The flexible FFC/FPC connectors features some of the lowest size profiles in the industry and the pitch sizes start as low as 0.2mm to 1mm to save space on the PCB.


MGA-636P8 Low Noise Amplifier

The MGA-636P8 is an economical, easy-to-use GaAs MMIC Low Noise Amplifier (LNA).


TLP383 photocoupler

This new photocoupler maintains same current transfer ratio across wide input current and temperature range

Avnet Silica

mEZ Plug & Play DC/DC Power Modules

Being proven experts in innovative design of DC/DC power converters, MPS’s simple, easy DC/DC solutions power a broad range of applications with high efficiency, wide input voltage and cost effective form factors.

Prod Visible Things Platform (RM)

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Avnet Silica

Visible Things platform

Targeting a wide range of industrial markets, Visible Things is a highly flexible and comprehensive evaluation and development platform for edge-to-enterprise IoT projects.

Abracon AWCCA Series - Product Spotlight

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AWCCA wireless charging coils

Abracon extends its range of Wireless Charging Coils with specific focus on smaller size coils, lower profile (as thin as 0.5mm), and receiver applications.

AWCCA Series Wireless Charging Coils

Prod Xilinx AES-PZ-EMBV-KIT-G (BN)

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The PicoZed Embedded Vision Development Kit builds on the PicoZed SOM by adding video specific interfaces.