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Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Thingy:52

The IoT sensor kit is an easy to use development platform for the nRF52832 wireless SoC.

Nordic Semiconductor component

Panasonic “Gold” Capacitor - HL Series Small Size Product Spotlight

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“Gold” Capacitor – HL Series Small Size

Panasonic announces the extension of its HL Series Electric Double Layer Capacitors (ELDCs). These ELDCs are guaranteed to maintain their capacitance and internal resistance without drifting at low temperatures.

TE Connectivity HTU21D and MS5637 BLE Wireless Sensor TAG Demo V1.1 - Product Spotlight

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TE Connectivity

HTU21D and MS5637 BLE wireless sensor

TE Connectivity introduces the sensor tag demo V1.1 reporting humidity, temperature and barometric pressure through a standard low power 2.4GHz wireless communication protocol. Samples are available to request from Avnet Abacus now.

Prod ON Semi Low Lighting image sensors (RM)

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ON Semiconductor

Sensors for low light imaging

See the formerly unseen with image sensors equipped with technologies which enhance the sensor’s ability to capture images under challenging light conditions.

Infineon Technologies

Sensors 2GO Kits

These smallest, fully featured sensor 2GO kits are already equipped with a sensor combinedw ith an ARM® Cortex™-M0 CPU.


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AT45DB Wide Vcc Data Flash

Adesto’s DataFlash Memory provides the widest voltage and lowest energy solutions ranging from 2 Mb all the way to 64 Mb.

Prod Microchip EtherCAT Development Kit (RM)

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EtherCAT Development Kit

Easy to use EtherCAT Starter Kit has a Pmod™ and Arduino compatible interface, as well as a header with all I/Os of the LAN9252, which allows the direct connection to microcontroller starter kits from many suppliers for fast prototyping.

Maxim Integrated


MAXQ1061 cryptographic controller makes it fast and easy to implement full security for embedded, connected products without requiring firmware development.

Prod ON Semiconductor LC717A30UJ (RM)

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ON Semiconductor


LC717A30UJ is a high performance, low cost, and highly usable capacitance converter for electrostatic capacitive touch, proximity sensors and liquid level sensing.

TD next


TD next TDAIP01 is a compact 30x30 mm module that mounts on a user PCB. The TDAIP01 features video, still image and audio processing using a powerful low cost and low power hardware (the TDAIP01 does not need an external DRAM).