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    Learn about Microchip’s new generation of high-precision
    low-power data converters on 23rd October!
    An on-demand version will also be available.

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    Ethernet Switches in
    Vehicles E/E Architectures

    Discover why they will play an essential role
    in the future of the automotive industry.

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    Winning Combinations from IDT and Renesas

    A full product portfolio working together to deliver comprehensive
    solutions for applications of industrial and infrastructure.

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    Cut Your Display
    Development Time in Half

    SimplePlus is an easy way to configure a working touch display solution
    for your product with reduced costs and development times.

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    Custom Support Delivered With Maximum Scale

    Avnet’s supply chain services help you forecast and position materials
    around the globe so they’re ready when you need them.

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Featured product

New MEMS sensors sample kit for environmental applications

Sign up for the chance to receive this MEMS sensors sample kit which includes 4 different adapter boards with ST´s latest environmental sensors and a powerful motherboard for easy and fast evaluation.
Turn Your creative ideas into a real design right now!

Featured products:

  • STTS751 (Temperature sensor)
  • HTS221 (Humidity sensor)
  • LPS22HH (Pressure sensor)
  • LPS33HW (Water-resistant Pressure sensor)
  • STEVAL-MKI109V3 (MEMS evaluation motherboard)

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Ensuring critical connectivity in modern automotive systems

The functional sophistication and digitalisation of cars is resulting in increased data and power transfer requirements. With the advent of autonomous driving and newer infotainment technologies, board space in applications such as LiDAR and radar devices, and built-in LCD panels is at a premium. This means that connector choices can make or break a design.

Molex's micro and signal connectors are an ideal solution to these challenges, ensuring that signal integrity is maintained in the harsh environments of automotive applications. Visit the Molex micro solutions page to learn more about the range and how to make the right connector choices, as well as request samples to support your design.

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