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    Optiga™ Trust M

    A state-of-the-art answer to
    today’s embedded security challenges.
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    Speed up your
    time to market!

    The new IGBT reference design uses the
    Broadcom ACPL-352J and ACPL-337J Gate Drivers.

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  • Need faster data processing?

    Discover Xilinx Alveo Adaptable Accelerator
    Cards for Data Center Workloads to enable significant
    processing improvements across a range of applications.

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  • Man building with Raspberry Pi

    IoT: It's our thing.
    Let's make it yours.

    Join our LEADING EDGE design contest. Hundreds
    of design kits and hardware modules to win!

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    Custom support delivered
    with maximum scale

    Avnet’s supply chain services help you forecast and position materials
    around the globe so they’re ready when you need them.

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Featured product

Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340 - Meet Nordic's new dual-core flagship SoC

With the combination of two flexible ARM® Cortex®-M33 processors, its advanced feature set and operating temperature up to 105°C, the nRF5340 is the ideal choice for professional lighting, advanced wearables and other complex IoT applications.

The all-in-one SoC includes features like Bluetooth® 5.1, high-speed SPI, QSPI, USB, and more.


Industrial IoT: from hype to reality

We are on the cusp of the next industrial revolution. Technological advances in areas such as connectivity, sensing, processing, security and energy consumption are enabling the development of smart factories, with the promise of more efficient, adaptive and integrated production environments.

In this edition of Avnet Abacus' Focus magazine, we explore the path taken to reach the fourth industrial revolution and the benefits these advancements promise. Read about:

  • Evolution before revolution: the origins of Industry 4.0 
  • Turning IIoT into reality: digitalisation of the factory floor
  • The future of manufacturing
  • Interview: Creating gateways from the physical to the digital world with Ruud van den Brink, Product Manager Industrial Communications EMEA at TE Connectivity
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