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Infineon robotics components

_Featured product

Infineon CIPOS™ - energy efficient, intelligent power modules

The control integrated power system (CIPOS™) IPMs are families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from home appliances, to fans, pumps and general purpose drives. The modules leverage Infineon’s advanced IGBTs, MOSFETs, gate drivers and state-of-the-art thermo-mechanical technology. Learn how to realize high voltage FOC motor control including power factor correction with Infineon’s iMOTION™ controllers and CIPOS™ IPMs with a free webinar on-demand.

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Discovering the world of IoT

Smart Industry - The IoT business magazine - 3rd edition

The world of self-driving cars alone has us pondering: Which forces are behind the push for them? What happens if an autonomous vehicle needs to make a life-or-death decision? Emerging technology in IoT raises all kinds of questions, from how voice assistants fit in with the rest of the digital world to how augmented and virtual reality are revolutionizing how things are made. 

We address these head-on in the latest issue of Smart Industry - the IoT business magazine. We talk with experts from up-and-coming industry players as well as leaders such as Siemens Industry, SAP, Microsoft and Infineon to get their perspectives on current trends and the technologies making IoT come to life.

Read the latest issue at www.smart-industry.net

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