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    From complexity to clarity

    Embedded Vision is revolutionizing industries from agriculture
    to industrial and automotive. See how we're driving the change.

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    Raspberry Pi Perfection

    The 3 Series Model B+ sports faster processing
    and networking as well as improved connectivity.

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    Reaching further for change

    Avnet has partnered with Not Impossible Labs to create a new podcast
    series about spectacular people who are harnessing the power of
    technology for the sake of humanity.

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    Custom support delivered with maximum scale

    Avnet’s supply chain services help you forecast and position materials
    around the globe so they’re ready when you need them.

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Nexperia single supply voltage translators

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STMicroelctronics – MEMS industrial sensors

ST offers a broad portfolio of MEMS sensor solutions that are ideally tailored to industrial needs and set the pace for Industry 4.0. ST MEMS detect potential mechanical system failure in predictive maintenance applications with the help of precise inclinometers and a comprehensive range of products for vibration management.

You can win a STEVAL-MKIT02V1 MEMS sensors’ sample kit! It includes four different MEMS sensor adapter boards to facilitate the evaluation of the IIS2MDC, IIS2DH, ISM330DLC and II3DHHC devices.

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TQ of Artificial Intelligence

The free knowledge magazine from EBV Elektronik

Intelligent machines and self-teaching computers will open up exciting prospects for the electronics industry. Due to the rapid developments in semiconductors and new ideas for the programming of self-teaching algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is today a real market. With the latest edition of The Quintessence, we take a closer look at what AI is all about. Order your free copy now! 


  • From pure fiction to a real market opportunity
  • Why Avnet's CEO Bill Amelio relies on AI
  • How chips mimic the brain
  • Opportunities for retailers
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