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EMEA PF Infineon Mosfet 2017-12

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Infineon robotics components

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CoolSiC™ MOSFET – revolution to rely on

Infineon’s CoolSiC MOSFET is a next essential step towards an energy-smart world. It enables radical new product designs with unprecedented levels of efficiency and reliability. With CoolSiC MOSFET, you can reduce system size, increase power density and high lifetime reliability for diverse applications like photovoltaic inverters, energy storage and battery charging or industrial drives.

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Visible Things IoT Kit: All inclusive, no worries

An ever-increasing range of sensor, connectivity and gateway solutions can make starting an IoT project quite complex. Avnet Silica’s Visible Things Industrial Starter Kit allows you to keep it simple. The fully integrated IoT evaluation and reference platform connects smart devices right to the cloud and enterprise software. Just choose the boards you need depending on the functionalities you require. So, relax: Together with our cloud, analytics, mobile and enterprise integration services, our IoT kit is an all-inclusive solution from edge to enterprise.

The new Visible Things Industrial Starter Kit is ready-to-use, with a Synergy gateway board and a secure Bluetooth smart sensor. Start your IoT journey

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