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    STSPIN32F0 Series

    Highly integrated STM32 MCU based SiP for battery powered
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Featured product

Nexperia GaN FETs - efficient and effective high-power FETs

Whether designing a motor drive/controller for the next generation of battery-electric vehicles, or a power supply for the latest 5G telecommunication networks, Nexperia’s GaN FETs will be key to your solution. Offering high power performance and high-frequency switching, the design and structure of Nexperia's normally-off GaN FET products ensure standard, low-cost gate drivers can be used in your design.

In Automotive and Industrial it can be used to increase power density and efficiency so the vehicle range is increased. Furthermore, telecommunication and data center infrastructure need fast switching power supplies in order to deliver reduced power losses.

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EMEA FS - AVA Focus Magazine 5G

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The Road to 5G

With analysts predicting 5G will be the next driver of global economic growth, we take a look at the journey from analogue first generation cellular communication in 1970’s Japan, to the widespread use of 4G today and the potential benefits 5G may bring.

In the latest edition of Focus magazine, we discuss what makes 5G so different from previous generations, the decisions and investments network operators will need to make, as well as the challenges of network integrity, security and densification.

With the capabilities of 5G already defined, the massive leap in reduced latency and requirements for new hardware and technologies signpost exciting times ahead.<

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