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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

Activity Monitoring Mixed Media

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Activity monitoring

This is a market which has grown very quickly and is continuing to grow with more and more products available on the market. Monitoring exercise regimes and health, enabling the measurement of an individual’s capabilities, and transmitting that information to a medical adviser, if required, is all part of today’s smart living. These monitoring systems are designed to automatically check well-being or activity on a regular basis and provide information to a mobile device or send to other devices remotely via the internet. With sensors becoming more and more accurate, the process power of SoCs and wireless communications, new applications are opening all the time. EBV has all the products and expertise to ensure clients get products to market fast and cost-effectively. 



Generally medical instruments have had a very low electronic content but this is changing. Now, we have devices for surgery or operations that contain a lot of powerful electronics; devices that can be used in the home to monitor a patient’s medicine dosage or well-being; as well as defibrillators, infusion pumps, oxygen equipment, and patient monitors. High precision sensors, data processors and powerful secure connectivity to the outside world are all required today for real-time information on patients, either at home or in hospital, on surgical procedures and on life-support systems. 


Diagnostic and Therapy Mixed Media

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Diagnostic and therapy

Detecting disease as early as possible, making a diagnosis, prescribing relevant therapy and monitoring the patient and the results are essential in managing patient care. Information needs to be available quickly and in real-time. Diagnostic devices used in hospitals and medical practices involve a whole range of medical applications including image processing, ECG equipment, ventilators, pulse and blood pressure monitoring. All information in these devices needs to available quickly and transmitted remotely where necessary so that quick diagnosis is made and the right therapy is put in place. Therapy can be in the form of equipment dispensing the right amount of medicine, reducing pain, dispensing oxygen etc.