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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems is a growing market within the IoT environment. Home Security Systems are connected to the Cloud through a mobile device or the web for remote monitoring. Various features are available such as motion detectors, door and window sensors and cameras. Alarm systems are available for both professional and consumer but apart from being ‘Smart’ they must also be secure. Network connectivity and security is a crucial consideration here.  EBV can advise clients on the best components and communication protocols necessary for their products.



Another fast-growing market and an important new element for the IoT. Drones can get to places that others cannot reach such as above buildings to check structures, aerial mapping over large areas of land, aerial photography and even deliveries. Information from these drones is then transmitted in real-time to the receiver so that instantly situations at any given time can be assessed. 

Smart Homes and Buildings Mixed Media

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Smart Homes & Buildings

The Smart Home or Office simplifies consumers’ or the business person’s lives with appliances that connect to the Cloud and can relay real-time information remotely. Saving time, energy and therefore costs.
Modern home appliances have electronics inside – microcontrollers and sensors - which are able to provide information to clients and manufacturers via the IoT. Operating equipment, controlling lighting, energy consumption, diagnostics are just some of the capabilities available remotely. Just by entering a room lights can be switched on or off, or windows opened without any human intervention.


Goods-Asset Tracking Mixed Media

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Goods/Asset Tracking

When relating to goods/asset tracking, logistics comes to mind but it is much more than that. 
Logistics tracking is important when goods need to be tracked from A to B especially when they are high value items. The tracker is placed inside or on the products so that it can be exactly tracked as opposed to a vehicle tracker which when the vehicle stops you have no way of knowing if your item has been delivered. In general asset trackers are small in design and therefore are capable of tracking much smaller objects. For example, pets, if your pet is fitted with a tracker and then disappears, the tracker will alert you to where they are. The same technology can be used on humans, particularly useful for keeping an eye on children.