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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

These systems are normally associated with cars but they have so many more uses. Where there is movement of vehicles, machinery or equipment efficiencies can be gained from the application of precise continually available real-time and positioning information. Production can be improved in the real-time operation of equipment, safety can be improved by making the operator aware of their situation or surroundings.

Smart farming

Movement and Tracking information is a crucial part of today’s farm. Movement of animals from one area to another, tracking feed use, water consumption, use of fertilisers and controlling it, so many applications that be controlled and organised from information that is now available real-time. By connecting farm equipment agricultural companies and farmers can now optimise farm production all due to the remote sensing, processing of data and connectivity.


Animal tracking

Animal tracking covers all animals, pets, wildlife and farm animals.  Tracking pets to obtain their movements during the day or when they are lost, tracking cattle on their journeys from one farm to another and wildlife tracking to see where they travel to.  All information is transmitted from the animals through to a central base, up to the Cloud and onto a mobile device so that real-time positioning is available.