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Glossary Sensor Fusion Introduction (LC)

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Glossary - sensor fusion

As experts in smart sensing and connectivity technology, EBV can help you to recognise the most common terms and abbreviations in the areas of Cloud services, Fog or Edge computing and Sensor fusion:

Image Sensor Fusion

Offers a 360° or stereoscopic view of surroundings by combining and/or correcting several images which have been transmitted by sensors.
Typical applications are automotive for surround view and sport cameras.


Motion Sensor Fusion

Provides in real-time a stable set of information based on 3D orientation, velocity etc. It includes sensor compensation related to gyroscope stability, hard/soft iron compensation from magnetometers amongst many others. It is used in navigation applications where there is no GPS signal or reduced power. It is able to estimate via sensors the actual GPS position.
Applications such as drones, healthcare and robotics are also using these algorithms.