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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Wellbeing (MT)

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Technology examples: Wellbeing

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Wellbeing (LC)

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Smart Sensing & Connectivity technologies like microcontrollers, sensors and all the connectivity is found in many markets and application examples. Learn more about examples of markets and applications:

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Vital parameters monitoring (MM)

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Vital parameters monitoring

Vital parameters monitoring can identify the existence of an acute medical problem in early stages and enables early interventions. It provide critical – vital – information about a patient's state of health.
While monitoring has traditionally been done by nurses and doctors, a number of available devices enables monitoring by consumers themselves and are getting much more accessible and affordable while still keeping medical grade accuracy. EBV can provide you complete solutions including sensory side, signal processing using microcontrollers as well as connectivity either wired or wireless.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Activity trackers (MM)

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Activity trackers

Are you not active enough and you need just a bit of motivation to out of your sofa? Activity trackers can help you getting into the shape. It can remind you to stand up from your chair in your office, pushes you while performing an activity, or monitor how good you slept the other day. Moreover, being constantly connected to a cloud it enables you either a virtual trainer or virtual competition to get last bits of energy from you. EBV can help you finding best in class solutions keeping in mind small size, low power consumption, and accuracy of sensory data.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Indoor air quality monitoring (MM)

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Indoor air quality monitoring

We spend 80% or more of our time indoors e.g. home, work, school etc. The air quality we experience indoors is very important since poor indoor air quality can cause fatigue, impact concentration and impair performance & decision-making. New technologies are bringing the new indoor air quality sensing devices to our homes, which was not the case just a while ago. EBV can help you identifying your air quality right.