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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart city (MT)

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Technology examples: Smart city

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart City (LC)

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Smart Sensing & Connectivity technologies like microcontrollers, sensors and all the connectivity is found in many markets and application examples. Learn more about examples of markets and applications:

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Utilities management (MM)

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Utilities management

Utilities management includes all of the utilities serving a specific municipality, such as energy, telecommunications, and water and wastewater services. To maintain quality of the utility services, to increase the efficiency of the system, and to keep the cost at affordable level the systems needs to be upgraded. From traditional metering of consumption of utilities the next step is real-time collection of the data with a possibility to react e.g. disconnect high consumption house hold devices when there is a peak in electric power consumption, decrease water pump power during night,… EBV can beside metering part provide you building blocks for local processing of the data and blocks for all the existing and new communication standards.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Environmental monitoring (MM)

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Environmental monitoring

To keep or even increase quality of life in cities information about pollution and micro-climatic conditions such as CO2, dust/particles, noise and temperature is needed. Air quality is one of the fundamental factors that should be constantly monitored because of its effects on health. With real-time data and in connection to e.g. smart traffic, a city can “react” to maintain a quality of air. EBV can provide sensors for most of the environmental parameters and all the processing and communication blocks for your device.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart traffic (MM)

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Smart traffic

Waiting in a line in a car and not moving at all is what many of us are facing every day. Due to daily migrations amount of traffic in a cities advances what city streets can take. Smart traffic system collects sensors and signals, which provide key information about traffic situation in real-time, sourcing data to algorithm, which continuously adjusts the traffic and ensures optimal traffic flow and safety. EBV offers multiple sensor solution for traffic monitoring including image processing capabilities and all the blocks for communication side of the system.