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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart Agriculture (MT)

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Technology examples: Smart agriculture

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart Agriculture (LC)

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Smart Sensing & Connectivity technologies like microcontrollers, sensors and all the connectivity is found in many markets and application examples. Learn more about examples of markets and applications:

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart farming (MM)

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Smart farming

Due to overpopulation and global hunger, operational process efficiency in farming is needed to be increased. With a use of available technologies such as temperature and humidity levels as well as other organic contents, saving on fertilizers and use of fewer pesticides is enabled. Remote monitoring of animals in real-time enables early interventions and saving time of finding a herd. EBV can offer solutions for monitoring multiple parameters, tracking, processing local data with very small amount of power, and communicating to a cloud to enable access anytime and anywhere.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart watering (MM)

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Smart watering

Lack of water in many areas forces farmers to efficient use of water for watering purposes. To avoid over-watering and under-watering of plants online weather data can be used to calculate and exact amount of water needed. EBV has building blocks to get your devices online or to process data locally.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Pest control (MM)

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Pest control

There are multiple reasons such as sanity, diseases, destroying crops or property, which triggers pest control at multiple places around us. It can be ether at our homes where bugs or mice are all getting on our way or in garden or field where yield is decreased due to various diseases. To control the pest least-toxic with least impact on the environment pest or environmental monitoring is required. EBV can help you with a system monitoring bugs with edge image processing or monitoring of temperature and humidity to predict development of diseases. And with communication solution to keep the data by your hand.