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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Consumer (MT)

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Technology examples: Consumer

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Consumer (LC)

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Smart Sensing & Connectivity technologies like microcontrollers, sensors and all the connectivity is found in many markets and application examples. Learn more about examples of markets and applications:

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart Homes (MM)

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Smart homes & buildings

Smart home enables higher level comfort of every day’s living without compromising efficiency. Your air conditioning makes sure your room temperature is just right when occupancy is detected and air quality is just what you deserve. EBV provides solutions for all the smart home ingredients including sensors, microcontrollers, and connectivity.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Smart home appliances (MM)

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Smart home appliances

Imagine waking up and your coffee machine brew you your favorite coffee and smell of freshly baked bread brings a smile to your face. When coming back home after a long day at work you would like enjoy all the comfort your home can provide you in terms of all the consumed stock of food and groceries get ordered by your smart home. All the solutions can be provided by EBV from its wide portfolio of sensors, small processing units, image recognition, and connectivity modules.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Drones (MM)

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With technology advancements in mainly weight and cost reduction. drones became an affordable fun and furthermore a tool opening many uncovered possibilities. Recording from above your kid’s birthday party or you while down hilling with your bike are becoming something usual. But imagine a drone delivering you a medicine or monitoring perimeter for possible fire or check hard to get to places in your house. All the building blocks can be found within the EBV’s portfolio while EBV experts can guide you through complete solutions.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Pets tracking (MM)

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Pets tracking

Your pet run away again and your kids are desperate and being afraid of not seeing the pet again. With recent low power and accurate localization technologies not to mention long range low power communications it can be tracked and finally found in no time. EBV can provide you components for a complete solution for your pet to be safe at all the times.