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Smart Sensing & Connectivity

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Automotive (MT)

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Technology examples: Automotive

EBV- Smart Sensing- Tech Examples- Automotive (LC)

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Smart Sensing & Connectivity technologies like microcontrollers, sensors and all the connectivity is found in many markets and application examples. Learn more about examples of markets and applications:

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Autonomous drive (MM)

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Autonomous drive

Self-driving cars, unmanned aircraft or driverless machinery are not a science fiction anymore. They are here among us: machine that act autonomously, independent of human commands, and make the “right” decisions at least in everyday situations. EBV can help you with new sensor technologies such as high resolution image sensors, radars and lidars, as well as communication technologies enabling low latency and real communication either to cloud or to another machine.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- Position sensing (MM)

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Position sensing

There can be more than 100 of electric drives in a single car. Position sensing became from simple switches or hall sensors to a more sophisticated sensors quite a challenging task. New technologies based on magnetic or inductive sensing are bringing better performance in terms of resolution, stray field immunity as well as low power and size. EBV is able to provide a great overview of the available solutions considering all of the application requests.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- GNSS (MM)

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GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

These systems are normally associated with cars and navigation system but they have so many more uses. Where there is a movement of vehicles, machinery or equipment as well as people and animal, an efficiency can be gained from the application of precise location being continually available in real-time. Productivity can be increased in the real-time operation of equipment; safety can be improved by making the operator aware of their situation or surroundings.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- E-mobility (MM)

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With e-vehicles an efficency in a motor control is of a big importance. It influences size of battery, travel range on a single charge as well as on a size and mechanics of the electric motor. Field Oreinted Control (FOC) fulllfills the request and is comes in many flavours – sensor- sensorless, integrated, out-of-box control algorihms,… EBV helps you finding right sensors, motion controllers as well as power electronics.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- V2X communications (MM)

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V2X communications

Improved road safety, traffic efficiency, and energy savings are all targeted by vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications. The amount of data exchanged is very low, but latency i.e. a delay in delivery, if much important. New wireless technologies mainly based on cellular technologies e.g. LTE, are enabling just that. EBV can offer a spread portfolio of wireless connectivity modules supporting all the recent technologies including NB-IoT, Cat M1, as well as higher “LTE Cat” levels.

EBV- Smart Sensing- TE- eCall (MM)

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With main objective reducing emergency response times in car accidents EU implemented eCall system. In-car deployed device automatically dial emergency number 112 and wirelessly sends airbag and impact sensor information, as well as Galileo coordinates to local emergency agencies. eCall was made mandatory in all new cars sold within the EU from April 2018. EBV can help you both on the emergency detection side as well as on communication side with future proven solutions.