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High End Processing


We provide the industry’s cutting-edge PLL technology with a broad portfolio of clocking solutions that includes clock jitter cleaners, clock generators and clock buffers

The high performance, low-power, flexible clocking solutions support existing and next-generation devices from our suppliers, moving to higher data rates and fulfilling stringent clock requirements for various data-transmission standards.


The Memory linecard of EBV Elektronik includes some of the semiconductor industry’s prime memory manufacturers and covers all your needs for semiconductor storage parts, both as discrete devices and highly integrated assemblies

With the increasing requirement for lower latency and higher operating frequencies, memory interface IP is becoming more complex and needs to be tailored based on a number of factors such as latency, burst length, interface width and operating frequency. EBV ELEKTRONIK can offer a memory portfolio, corresponding to your system needs. It can even support you in the future with latest technologies such as Micron`s Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) or low pincount Hyperbus-Memories.

Power supply

Broad portfolio of linear or switched power supplies, modules and PMICs

EBV Elektronik offer through our Power Suppliers like, Infineon, Intel, Maxim, NXP, ON Semiconductor, STM and Vishay power supply solutions supporting different topologies including  SW design and optimization tools as total BOM power supply design concept.

High speed interfaces

EBV Elektronik provides supported by our supplier Broadcom high-speed interconnects for wired networking applications such as PCIe, Ethernet, Optical Transport Network (OTN)

Broadcom provides an extensive portfolio of electrical and fiber-optic transceiver, transmitter and receiver solutions. EBVs wide portfolio of electrical Interconnects include devices for PCI Express (PCIe) all generations, Ethernet 100Mbit to 100GBit and BroadR Reach.
Fiber optic modules come in a wide range of form factors that include SFP/SFP+, QSFP+, CFP2, CXP, MiniPOD™ and MicroPOD™. Optical components consist of lasers, detectors, transmitters, receivers, and modulators in various package options utilizing proprietary Indium Phosphide (InP) optical chip and packaging technologies.

ADC/DAC and Signal chain

EBV Elektronik provides a broad portfolio of data converters featuring high-performance precision SAR and delta-sigma ADCs and DACs as well with low-power, space-efficient op amps, comparators, and precision references to deliver accuracy and speed

A common engineering challenge is to design an interface between an FPGA and the Analog domain. There are various interface protocols and standards as well techniques for existing interface utilizations such as LVDS in high speed data converter domain. JESD204 data converter serial interface standard was created to standardize and reduce the number of data I/Os between high-speed data converters and FPGAs. The extended Signal chain includes a variety of Sensors which translates different physical measures into electrical signals.