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Battery power tools

Longer lifetime and lighter devices

Although there are very affordable microcontrollers that are usually used to control a motor, the selection of the right computing platform can make a difference when taking into account the overall system costs of motor control in a rechargeable tool, such as a chainsaw. For example with an FPGA and intelligent algorithms, it is possible to reduce overall cost, e.g. use less magnetic in a motor, reduce cost on power electronics and filters as well as saving on battery cost due to higher efficiency.

FalconEye FPGA

FalconEye FPGA is a motor control reference design, which enables an easy entry into highly efficient FPGA-based motor control

The FalconEye FPGA is ideally suitable for brushless AC and induction motors. FalconEye FPGA Motor Control is real time VHDL on hardware and a 'C' based software solution running on NiosII. The modular FalconEye board with PFC (Power Factor Correction) is used for controlling and/or regulating brushless synchronous and induction motors. FalconEye from EBV offers developers enormous potential benefits, ranging from huge energy savings to high-precision control options and significant improvement in EMI behaviour. At present, FalconEye is optimised for controlling brushless direct current motors (BLDC). The board can be easily converted for use with alternating current motors (BLAC), switched reluctance motors (SR) and induction motors (IM).