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Heterogeneous platforms including FPGAs and DSPs can give a high competitive advantage in systems requiring high processing performance like medical diagnostics and medical imaging

The use of FPGAs and DSPs in the medical sector extends from diagnostic imaging and beam forming to ultrasound generation and data preparation. Particularly where imaging is involved, both are able to demonstrate their capabilities in the medical sector. In addition, FPGAs have recently become almost indispensable for the preparation of camera signal data, e.g. during an operation or cardiograph. Video signals on separate devices often need to be bundled and clearly displayed on a large screen. To achieve this, the videos and images also need to be scaled (enlarged/shrunk) and positioned accordingly on the monitor, giving FPGAs ample opportunity to demonstrate their real-time abilities. FPGAs and DSPs are not only used in image processing, but also in image analysis; the system provides a form of pre-analysis and points out unusual elements, making the task of diagnosis easier for the doctor.