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High-end processing technology examples


Challenge new automotive markets on new innovations from semiconductor world

For more than 10 years EBV’s Automotive Team has supported the market, continually looking for the optimum solutions and latest developments to satisfy requirements, while ensuring the high standards required by today’s automotive industry are met or exceeded.

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Powerful heterogeneous computing platforms including FPGAs and DSPs are widely used in all kind of broadcast applications

From studio technology and consumer electronics, to capturing, production and distribution, particularly given the trend towards increasingly high resolutions.

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Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics (MM)

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Home appliances and consumer electronics

Home automation

To address the changing needs of the home electronics market, this segment covers the wide range of products & technologies that we enjoy in our homes and daily life.

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Unique industrial designs

Create unique innovative industrial designs thanks to a complete systems integration in one FPGA, adapting to changing features and protocols, increasing design integration and decreasing the cost.

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Renewable energies

Market optimisation with the use of performant computing platforms

The renewable energy markets will continue to gain on environmental impact by "greening" world power consumption with help of solar and wind energies using smart grid networks down to our household areas. Heterogeneous platforms play an important role in the future of this market.

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Defence and avionics

High performance and flexibility

The defence and aerospace markets are not defined as a separate product group, but a way of building components so they combine real-time processing in harsh environments without failure.

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High end processing usage extending in the medical sector

The market for medical products is broad. It ranges from digital hearing aids and blood pressure measurement devices to equipment for intensive care and emergency medicine and beyond to large laboratory devices, magnetic resonance and computer tomography equipment.

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Test and measurement

Test and measurement have a wide variety of different use cases

FPGAs also allow the highly efficient recording, processing and preparation of measurements in real time. This is why FPGAs and DSPs are used in all product sectors in which data needs to be rapidly captured, then immediately processed and transferred.

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