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High-End Processing is used in many markets and applications. Whenever there is a need for fast data processing, the use of performant microcontrollers or DSPs or FPGAs and fast interfacing is required. By now, heterogeneous computing platforms are very common, where different processing units are combined either on a single chip or as a multichip solution.

Heterogenous Platforms have a number of benefits, ranging from their short time to market to the ability of their hardware to perform rapid (real-time) algorithmic processing. EBV's customers have access to a range of highly efficient design tools.

High-End Processing Technolgy examples and Trends (LC)

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Technology examples and trends

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Ready for 8K and AV over IP article (GBL)

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Blog article

Ready for 8K and AV over IP

AV applications are increasingly migrating to higher resolution, higher dynamic range and higher frame rates to improve overall video quality and to make the most of emerging camera and display technologies for more impactful content creation.

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