Analog Power technology examples Title (MT)

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Analog & power technology examples

High Performance Signal Conditioning (MM)

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High performance signal conditioning

High performance signal conditioning includes a range of different products that are used to adjust the level and filter the analog signals from sensors or transducers. Important selection factors are noise, offset voltage, drift, slew-rate, bandwidth, and power consumption

Precision Data Conversion (MM)

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Precision data conversion

Precision data conversion includes many different types of data converters which can be analog to digital (ADC) and digital to analog (DAC). As speed and precision requirements can vary significantly, different conversion technologies and interfaces are available. They can be one channel, multiple channels or even have simultaneous sampling depending on the requirement of the end application. Voltage references are also very important. A data converter is only as good as its reference, as any noise or drift from the reference will be seen at the output.

Power Conversion and Management (MM)

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Power conversion and management

That´s a large family of products including linear regulators, switching regulators (DC/ DC or AC/DC), battery chargers and protections, supervisors, load switches, power drivers, etc. EBV has solutions for every power conversion need and topology, with integrated power transistors or external, even integrated converters ready to use. As end products shrink in size there is more demand for mobile, energy efficient designs as well as efficient, intelligent power.

Power semiconductors

EBV has both discrete and power semiconductor modules. We have a vast range of products which include MOSFET, IGBTs, Power Rectifiers, traditional silicon technologies as well as new technologies such as Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN). The semiconductor solutions within our portfolio cover a wide range of voltages and power, from portable applications to very high power applications like electric cars, wind turbines or railway traction.;

Safe isolation

EBV has a range of different solutions within this sector. Solutions which include optical, magnetic and capacitive. We focus on the products that provide total and safe isolation. As there are a lot of different applications that require safe isolation EBV has an extremely large family of products for digital signal isolation, power drivers, isolated amplifiers, and analog feedback.