Technical Support

Technical support

48 years of operation have taught us one thing: If our customers are successful, then we are successful!

You want a partner that can contribute to your own differentiation. You want to lead by innovation, have rapid time to market and reduced costs. Simultaneously, technological complexities continuously increase while less support is available from manufacturers. A significant challenge.

That is why we developed into a high-tech service company. We know the market, the products and the applications better than anybody else. We provide a strong team of 226 sales and 112 technology specialists, who are capable of locally supporting our customers at every stage of their projects - from concept to production. Why is this so important? The optimisation of time and cost starts with the idea for a new product. 90% of all costs and the majority of problems that arise at a later stage of a design start at the beginning and not at the point of buying the components. It is precisely here that the strengths of our application specialists play the most important part. The earlier we know about your project, the more will you profit from our know-how.


EBV Elektronik redefines design support

In a move to further leverage its semiconductor and solutions competence, EBV Elektronik provides you with its redefined three-dimensional design support strategy which includes:

  • A Design Partner Network
  • Pan-European Competence Teams
  • A Knowledge Database

All three elements of EBV’s strategy are set to increase the FAE’s efficiency on customer projects and reduce design cycle time. To actually make the strategy work, it is essential to institutionalise the information sharing process in the daily communications, not just by formal tools or resources, but also by maintaining a long-proven team spirit between the specialist groups and the FAE community. Therefore, all FAEs meet at least two times a year for collective training, exchange of information and a better understanding of each other.