Technical Support

Competence teams

The second dimension of EBV’s technical competence concept is based upon the Competence Teams. Consisting of highly specialised FAEs with very specific product or application knowledge, these teams’ know-how is available for EBV’s 110 FAEs throughout Europe and basically multiplies specific competence for a wider re-use. Very often, design problems that occur in one project reappear in others in recognisable patterns.

Due to traditional regional organisation of distributors, competence of FAEs isn’t shared. To leverage EBV’s technical team know-how, EBV has networked FAEs with common product or application expertise to form these competence teams.

Some of these teams have already been active for a few years. EBV now provides nine such teams in the fields of digital signal processing, programmable logic solutions, power electronics, microcontrollers, analogue & sensors, high-end embedded processing, networking and telecom solutions, general lighting, control networks, wireless technologies, Bluetooth™ & WLAN and automotive.