Market Trends Energy Storage Introduction (LC)

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Market trends: energy storage

As connectivity and energy are the core functionalities of smart grids, those are the latest trends in this market:


Battery charger

A direct feed of electricity generated using photovoltaics or wind turbines into the electric grid is not always useful

If, for example, the wind turbines are running at full speed at night, and power consumption is at the same time low, then it makes sense to store the electrical energy, for example in batteries.For this purpose, special battery chargers are required that not only transform the AC voltage of the electric grid into DC voltage, but also comply precisely with the charging curves required for each respective battery.

Battery booster

If there is just a peak load on the energy network

A battery booster can restore energy to the electric grid within a few seconds. This is energy that was previously stored in a battery. During low-usage times the system recharges the batteries - for example, during the night if the wind generators produce too much power.