Applications Low Power RF Communications Introduction (LC)

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Applications: low power RF communications

EBV presents some of the most exciting application examples for the smart grid market:



Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, the industry standard, ZigBee, allows data communication over short distances up to a maximum of 100 metres (in many cases only up to about 10 metres) at extremely low energy consumption

The worldwide standard operates in the frequency band around 2.4 GHz, but there are also local variants, which send data packets at 915 MHz (in America) or at 868 MHz (in Europe). An AES-128 method is used for the encryption. EBV Elektronik has ZigBee products from the ranges of many different manufacturers.


Wireless version of Mbus standard covered by using the EBVchip Maia

In the frequency bands 169 MHz and the frequency band around 868 MHz, the standard wireless M-bus operates. In contrast to the wired version of M-bus, the wireless M-bus is also suited to the operation of battery-powered devices in the context of the integration of energy meters. The specifications of the wireless M-bus are set in EN13757-4 (for the modes S, T and R), whereby the standard is suitable for both uni-directional and bi-directional connections.


GSM/GPRS is proven concept of any meter reading operater

When it comes to transference over longer distances, then the classic mobile network can also be used, either via GSM or GSM extension GPRS that was created specifically for data communication. With various chip solutions, EBV Elektronik supports its customers in the implementation of this proven and extremely widespread transmission technology.


LoRaWAN for wireless battery operated IoT devices

The LoRaWAN, a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification of the LoRa Alliance aims to connect IoT nodes in a regional, national or global network. The specification enables secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization services. As seamless interoperability is possible without complex local installations designers are enabled to build and expand LoRa IoT networks easily.
The low power network is able to transmit data at rates from 0.3 kbps up to 50 kbps. EBV is offering sophisticated chips and LoRa RF transceiver products which can easily be combined with the LoRa concentrator gateway to create networks with long ranges and the capacity to handle millions of devices.


Sigfox wirelessly bridges long distances between low energy objects and the internet

Sigfox is using a cellular style system based on ultra-narrow band technology to connect IoT devices wirelessly. The Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is optimized for long distances and low power. Using long waves Sigfox is able to send messages over distances of up to 1000 km and thus is perfectly suited to connect remote and hard to access devices.
Sigfox allows smart objects to send up to 140 messages with 12 bytes per day – enough for M2M communication in areas like smart metering. EBV offers LPWAN hardware components and modules specifically tailored to support Sigfox technology, enabling designers to profit from this ultra-low energy innovation.