Smart Grid Applications Introduction (LC)

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City infrastructure applications

EBV presents some of the most exciting application examples for the smart grid market:



Metrology and smart networking as future of modern grid

Includes electricity, gas, heat and water meters upgradable to smart networks allowing automated remote reading functionalities.The digital unit called a SMGW (Smart Meter Gate Way) combines the functions of a central read-out box and a data gateway for all electrical meters in the housing unit.

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Inverter should be sized to supply expected continuous load demand

The conversion of the direct current (DC) output of renewable energy sources like solar panels into alternating current (AC) is an important aspect of the connection of such energy sources to utility lines and power grids. Therefore, great attention should be dedicated to inverter design and control in order to achieve high system efficiency and reliability. In addition inverters will profit from energy-efficient booster and chopper as well as bridge circuit designs.

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Power line communication

Communication via the power lines used for power transmission

Since the power line is already installed, no additional cables or wires are required for data communication and it is precisely this aspect that makes PLC such an attractive proposition because no expenditure is involved in terms of the data lines.

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Low Power RF Communication (MM)

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Low power RF communication

When it comes to wireless data transmission, there are many standards that enable more efficient communication in connection with low energy consumption.

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Take the challenge and create your own featured chip with us

For Smart Meter applications there are already Chips like Hermes – Mbus slave transceiver or Maia wireless Mbus sub GHz module with wireless Mbus stack and OMS stack included available.

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System solutions

With the appropriate reference boards, developers can learn to not only break into the matter quickly, and familiarise themselves with the corresponding semiconductors, but they can also save a lot of time. After registering you will be able to commnicate with our design expert sharing block diagrams within our Build Your Block Design tool.

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