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EBV Experience Center

Image of EBV experience centerIn the EBV LightSpeed Experience Center at our premises in Poing. we showcase existing advanced and future technologies around the optoelectronics world. It’s a tech incubator and think tank enabling convergence of innovation and creativity where vision becomes reality. Click below to learn more about




Pepper is the world’s first personal robot that reads emotions

Image of Pepper robot


  • Hearing and Speaking: Interacting and interpreting emotions wouldn't be possible without the 4 directional microphones located on Pepper's head. They enable him to detect where sounds are coming from and locate your position, while also allowing him to identify the emotions transmitted by your voice.
  • Seeing: Pepper is able to function in complex environments thanks to his 3D camera and 2 HD cameras that enable him to identify movements, and recognise the emotions on the faces of his interlocutors. If you are happy, Pepper will share your joy, and if you are sad, Pepper will comfort you.
  • Connection: Connected directly to the internet, Pepper can keep you up to date with the latest news, the weather forecast, or even help you to find a recipe! Don't hesitate to chat with him on the subject of your choice. 
  • Tablet: Pepper uses his tablet to help you make choices, but also to express his own emotions.
  • Emotion engine: By perceiving and analysing your emotions, and learning to get to know you, Pepper is able to adapt his attitude to suit your own as closely as possible. This constant dialogue between perception, adaptation, learning and choice is the result of what is known as the emotion engine. 
  • Control and balance: Thanks to his anti-collision system, Pepper detects both people and obstacles in order to reduce the risk of unexpected collisions.
  • Movement and autonomy: Pepper’s 3 multi-directional wheels enable him to move around freely through 360°, at a maximum speed of 3 km/h. No less than 20 engines (head, arms, back) control his movements with great precision. A high capacity lithium-ion battery gives him approximately 12 hours of autonomy.
  • High Definition vision: Pepper is equipped with two high-resolution cameras as well as a 3D camera enabling him to effectively understand his environment.
  • Interpreting emotions: Pepper boasts the latest technology, which means he is able to identify your emotions by your voice as well as the expressions on your face. Pepper reacts accordingly and is delighted if you are happy, or does his best to comfort you if you are sad.
  • A network of sensors: Pepper possesses numerous sensors: two ultrasound transmitters and receivers, six laser sensors and three obstacle detectors placed in his legs. These sensors provide him with information about the distance of nearby objects (a range of 3 metres), in addition to his three cameras (two RGB cameras and one 3D camera placed in his head). Pepper also possesses tactile sensors in his hands, which are used when he is playing games or for social interaction.
  • Linked to the world: For autonomous internet access, Pepper is equipped with wireless connectivity 802.11a/b/g/n.



Human Centric Lighting

Image of Human Centric LightingLight influences the well-being of people, characterizes their day and night time rhythm and effects activity and the ability to concentrate. The earth’s natural lighting cycle controls human beings’ inner clock, the circadian rhythm. During the day the color temperature changes from warm, reddish 3000K in the morning, to a mid-day average of light 5500K to 6500K suppressing melatonine production and increasing the attention level back to warmer CCTs in the afternoon and back to relaxing 3000K during the evening hours causing melatonine production. While light we are used to is quite static the idea of Human Centric Lighting is to mimic this natural light cycle. It promotes well-being, can improve concentration, supports healing processes and prevents from sleeping disorders.

  • Flicker-free series producible, fully-fledged turnkey solution feat. PDM (BOM, schematic, Gerber for EMS production or finished devices available)
  • Customized app possible

Key parts

  • Samsung 5630 LEDs LM561B+ or Osram Duris S2
  • Infineon MCU XMC1202
  • BLE radio
  • Buck dríver ICs for 2 cc channels


COB shelves showcasing Samsung or Osram LEDs and Fulham drivers

Key parts

Image of Samsung LC040B

  •  Samsung LC040B
  •  3000K on BBL, CRI90
  • 3000K BBBL/vivid CRI90,
  • 3000K on BBL, high CRI,
  • LC040C 3000K small LES/high density



Image of  Osram Soleriq S19

  • Osram Soleriq S19
  • CRI95 3000K
  • Brilliant Color 3000K,
  • Brilliant White 3000K,
  • S8 array CRI90, 3000K


Image of Fulham drivers L050049 40W

  • Fulham drivers L050049 40W, 1050mA





Street lighting

  • STLUX 120W digital LED driver
  • 6 SMED controlled PWMs to achieve up to 1.3ns PWM resolution
  • Realized LLC topology, sinusoidal waveforms for better EMI behaviour
  • Zero voltage switching to avoid hard switching losses
  • >90% efficiency, PF ~0.99, THD < 10%
  • enables e.g. BLE/ZigBee functionaly; dimmability via DALI, analogue 0..10V and UART
  • Flashnet street lamp control system
  • inteliLIGHT controllers manage and monitor every lamp in the city, performing on/off switchting and dimming function, in addition to detailled feedback and error reporting
  • The Lighting Grid Monitoring Unit carries out measurements and analysis of different parameters in the street lighting grid (power factor active/reactive/apparent power, voltage, current, frequency, etc.) and reports in real time to the server
  • Long Range Radio Frequency (RF) Communication powered by LoRa
  • IP based communication between base stations and central software


Horticultural Lighting

How does light affect the plant growth? 

Light quantity

The amount of light affects the photosynthesis process in the plant. This process is a photochemical reaction within the chloroplast of the plant cells in which carbon dioxide is converted into carbohydrate under the influence of the light energy.

Light quality regarding spectral composition of the light

The spectral composition of the different wavelength regions (blue, green, yellow, red, far red or invisible e.g. UV or IR) is important for the growth, shape, development and flowering (photomorphogenesis) of the plant. For the photosynthesis, the blue and red regions are most important.

Light duration

The length of day and night required for initiation of flowering is called "photoperiod" which can be influenced by light exposure.


Automotive lighting

Image of Automotive lightingLaser front light

The laser beam triggers excitation of a phosphor inside the headlamp, causing it to illuminate. This “transformation” of the laser light is referred to as “conversion”. The phosphors are high-performance ceramic substances that can contain phosphorus compounds.
Why laser light for motor vehicles?
LEDs emit light in an angular range, meaning that the light beam broadens as the distance to the source increases. In the case of a laser diode, the light is emitted from a very small surface area with comparatively minimal divergence. Thanks to this extremely high density of the laser light, a very small spot can be generated at the converter, making it possible to design very compact headlamps with a narrower beam for greater distances Laser-based headlamps need a diameter of only 30 millimetres to generate high beam light with a luminous intensity of 100,000 candelas (cd).








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EBV LightLab

From using spectroradiometers and goniophotometers to thermal imagers, the complete spectrum of products from individual LEDs right up to the complete luminaires are covered in the EBVLightLab.

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EBV Lighting Academy

This conference is the place to be for experts and enthusiasts of lighting technology, who want to learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry.

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