To get the best LED lighting solution you need the right partner with application expertise and most appropriate product range. Here you are. With more than 30 percent market share EBV is the leading specialist for optoelectronics technology in EMEA semiconductor distribution.


EBV offeres the full range of lighting products: LED-dies, LED packages, LED Modules, Light Engines. Optics, reflectors, hybrid optics and other optical solutions. Connectors and holders. Heatsinks, fans and other cooling solutions. ECGs, controls (DALI, DMX, KNX), RF links (Zigbee, BLE, LoRa, Sigfox)

Advanced Services

EBV offers services like Optical design verification (photometric / radiometric measurements in our EBV Lightlab, Software-aided light distribution simulations and Custom optics), Thermal analyses (Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis) and Electronics design and system integration (Custom-specific LED modules and SMPS)

EBV Lightspeed Experience Center

Exhibition of innovative and future technologies around the optolectronics world at our premises in Poing near Munich. Here we showcase existing advanced and future technologies around the optoelectronics world. It’s a tech incubator and think tank enabling convergence of innovation and creativity where vision becomes reality. Learn and test everything about Human Centric Lighting, COB shelves, light parameters that matter for retail lighting, street lamp design, horticultural lighting, automotive lighting, laser projection, entertainment lighting or IR spectroscopy. Learn more
Contact us to schedule a meeting in our the experience center!

EBV Lighting & Photonics Academy

On a regular basis, industry experts are giving lectures on quality of light, reliability / longevity / lifetime considerations, lighting design aspects, optical, thermal, electronics design and latest trends and developments such as HCL, Nanostructures, VLC, etc. Check our Lighting Academy page for details on this year’s training and stay tunes un upcoming dates.

LightSpeed Market trends and applications (LC)

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Trends & applications

LightSpeed Market trends and applications (Table)

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General Lighting Laser related applications
Specialty Lighting & Industrial uv-a related applications
Smart Lighting uv-b related applications
IR related applications uv-c related applications



Featured product highlights (LC)

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Featured product highlights

Have a Question?

Contact EBV

If you have any questions related to our Lighting offering, please feel free to contact our experts directly.

LightSpeed Overview Related Documents (GBLS)

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Related Documents

Blog article

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is a True IoT Hero

The Vienna based company Luke Roberts developed the world’s first truly smart lamp and the device really is an all-rounder.

Product Highlights Infineon Switches and Drivers (GBL)

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Infineon switches and drivers

Infineon develops its gate driver IC solutions leveraging the company’s application expertise and advanced tech know-how, making them the perfect fit for a multitude of applications.

Product Highlights Infineon Horticulture Lighting (GBL)

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EBV & Infineon Horticulture Lighting

Infineon & Osram Horticulture lighting

We have the perfect solution for highly efficient, easy to design-in LED lighting applications.

Product Highlights Infineon HC lighting (GBL)

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Infineon: Human Centric Lighting

Light influences the well-being of people, characterizes their day and night time rhythm and effects activity and the ability to concentrate.

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Semiconductor solutions developed with and for customers


The Quintessence

Discover TQ - the free knowledge magazine from EBV

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EBV Blog

Lighting News and Trends

Stay up to date and read about latest lighting news and trends on our new EBV Blog.

Training & Events

Upcoming Events

Connect with the EBV experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.

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