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Variable message signs

Active signage is a key element of dynamic traffic management systems

Future traffic volumes can only be handled with an intelligent mix of interoperable traffic modes. Many European highways and expressways linking towns and cities are equipped with reliable and clearly visible LED signaling technology. Active signage will increase roadway efficiency and help drivers travel safer and smarter. Depending on the traffic situation, the variable signage will inform, warn and guide the motorists on both urban roads and highways. The efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation of people and goods on motorways requires the optimal utilization of the available infrastructure. Timely and accurate travel information allows drivers to plan their trips, make reliable decisions before and during their journeys and to arrive at their destination on time and with minimum stress.

Street lighting

LED technology is a key element for the future of dynamic traffic management and street illumination

Modernisation of the street lighting towards LED technology is already on-going supported by the EU directives with prohibition sales of mercury vapor lamps from year 2015 on. LED lighting provides better uniformity of illuminance of a street with main task-increasing visibility at night. Beside effective economical alternative LEDs offer proven durability and flexibility for outdoor lighting, long life, optimised energy consumption, low maintenance costs and electronic control supported with communication illumination features providing needed intelligence for lighting situations to be placed in various traffic areas for example pedestrian areas, motorised vehicles, bicycles etc.