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Video Walls

LED Video Wall technology is the most effective promotional medium for rich, dynamic content display in outdoor environments

Similar to the vibrant indoor LED series, the outdoor series is custom-built for long-life outdoor use. Video Walls can be put together panel by panel to fit any shape desired. Video Walls are ideal for vibrant RGB (full-color) displays, offering high resolution with fine pixel pitch and superior quality image reproduction. There is a wide possibility of design customization for advertising and entertainment activities. Also there is a long-life casing with complete environmental protection and high quality LED with wide viewing angles.

Show lighting

LED lighting for stage and theatrical entertainment has brought so many advantages as never before including price

It means that they are available for broad market and even a small band or DJ can get a slice of the RGB colour mixing action. High powered LED technology brings LED fixtures which have many advantages over “old-fashioned” lanterns that make them attractive in stage lighting. Modern stage lighting lamps produce more heat (and light) than they ever have. This are the reasons to focus on low power consumption solutions compared to normal lightbulb (lamp) and low heat radiation. Another advantage is lightweight, breakage resistance as well as portability options. LEDs are small and compact giving designers many options in size allowing them to create lighting systems in almost all shapes and sizes required by an application where size and brightness are important (such as exhibitions stands). Various electronic controlled colour effects creates valuable reasons for LED lights to be used for stage lighting purposes within combination of different coloured LEDs. Stage lighting is usually controlled using the standard DMX512 protocol. Different DMX channels control the red, green and blue while other channels may deal with overall intensity or special chases and effects