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Light, Home & Building

Automotive Outdoor Lighting (MM)

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Automotive outdoor lighting

Providing warning abilities

Police LED lights, TAXI lights, RED warning lights, emergency lightbars and emergency vehicle lighting equipment are understood under the automotive outdoor needs. Applicational usage is suitable also for emergency vehicles, emergency response boats, construction trucks or anywhere else you may need added warning.

Industrial Outdoor Lighting (MM)

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Industrial outdoor lighting

Industrial areas have a clear need for comprehensive range of ruggedised lighting

LED Lighting made one huge step further with the development of specialised LED lighting for hard industrial areas, hazardous areas, oil & gas, off shore, petrochemical etc. Therefore, lighting fixtures must fulfill strict technical requirements to provide long lifetime, low energy, high efficiency and environmental lighting demands of the modern world.

Entertainment Outdoor Lighting (MM)

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Entertainment outdoor lighting

Stadium area of illumination goes hand in hand with modern trends and innovations from architectural lighting

Sport events are great contributors to new innovative LED architectural lighting applications like for the London 2012 Olympic Games or several new football stadiums built in Poland and Ukraine for 2012 Football championship. The most significant LED-based projects involve color-changing lighting for the outside facades. Like for example: the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland, is characterized by its semi-transparent white and red structural mesh panels: red and white are Poland’s national colors. Beside the facade lighting there is a wide entertainment and general illumination portfolio needed including the video walls. Overall energy saving and lighting show effects are prioritized reasons on the LED technology side.

Variable message signs

Passenger information systems inform travellers about arrival and departure times, delays and other traffic information

LED based passenger information displays are available in airports, railway stations, bus and tram terminals. The product range includes main station signs as well as platform displays and on-board screens. The big advantage is needed in outdoor robustness used as platform displays or similar. Due to this flexibility also graphical contents can be shown. Typical contents show information about the vehicles' route and destination, minutes to arrival and special event notifications. The platform displays can also be treated as a smart unit, being able to perform functions such as autonomous countdown, data selection and optionally voice announcements (predefined text or text-to-speech).

Architectural lighting

Area where LEDs were firstly used and have proven their advantages

The beginning of a very successful usage of LED Technology was in architecture applications where first advantages were seen like durability, easy control, low power consumption and long life. Nowadays LEDs are used almost everywhere. There are so many possibilities and their implementation depends on investor’s willingness to invest in such installations. LEDs create totally new appearances of bridges, facades and other architectural areas. Their great advantage for such applications lies in their size. LED luminaires can be very small, resulting in the ability to hide them in facades. In this case, they are virtually invisible, which is an advantage when the luminaires are switched off.