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Industrial Indoor Lighting (MM)

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Industrial indoor lighting

Industrial areas have completely different light operation conditions

Lighting fixtures are often installed in complex areas with high ceilings. Replacement or other maintenance can be problematic. Therefore, lighting fixtures must fulfill strict technical requirements to provide long lifetime. Moreover, lighting control systems with daylight and presence sensors can significantly reduce energy consumption in everyday use. For industrial outdoor lighting, the LED fixtures are designed in such a way that they are far more durable than the indoor ones. It fits perfectly with LED technology to design robust solutions that are capable of withstanding high levels of uncomfortability caused by an outdoor environment. Choice of technology depends on the nature of the task that will be performed under the light. Assembly and machine work need the brightest light that provides maximum visibility so that productivity is at its peak and the work environment is safe. LED industrial lights also offer the fastest payback rate for any energy efficient lighting product. LED lighting also has almost zero maintenance since they are environmentally friendly and offer superior lighting quality with absolutely no flickering or buzzing.

Automotive Indoor Lighting (MM)

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Automotive indoor lighting

Lights in your vehicle are not just a source of illumination but a great tool to stylize

Automotive interior LED lighting is considered as the revolution of traditional exterior and interior lighting products for your vehicle as they combine superior functionality with sleek product styling to put your ride at the forefront of the tuner scene. LED car lights have been making their way into a wide range of models on the road today. Replacing the traditional lights with premium LED Exterior Lighting and Interior LED Lights technology fuels these lighting systems that can change color, scan, strobe, chase, music react and much more special effects and are the perfect performance and safety enhancement for your car.

Home lighting

Make a difference in the interior environment of your home

Home lighting used properly helps you not only to see better and perform tasks more easily but to create mood ambience to affect senses and creates a pleasant environment. Due to this it is important to find a light source designed to complete main tasks of your illuminated space. Using LED technology in your home not only around Christmas time is a great move forward as you will save money, energy and ensure needed flexibility to create the right effect in every room used from your family members. We can split home lighting into four basic types: ambient or general lighting as a central illumination point for the whole room including the personal mood touch; task lighting which provides sufficient light to help you perform the task at hand, for example reading, cooking, hobby, work, grooming, laundry, homework, etc.); security & safety lighting (illumination of the stairs,...) and decor lighting for decorative elements you wish to emphasise, such as artwork or wall textures.

Office lighting

Essentials with impact on comfort and performance

Appropriate workplace lighting not only enables people to see, it also affects how they feel as well as has an impact on comfort and performance. Enrich office life and reduce the energy demands of your office or building are just two good reasons to utilize the new attractive ways of LED technology. It will for sure increase user comfort using aditional LED companion electronic control applications like dimming, daylight sensors and motion sensors. Glare or any other similar visual discomfort like eyestrain, visual fatigue has to be minimized. Glare is the sensation produced when the levels of light are sufficiently greater than the level to which the eyes have adapted. LED luminaires are at least comparable with variety of fluorescent luminaires and nowadays even exceeding their parameters.

Shop lighting

Advertise your shop window touching people passing by day and night all year round

Visualize every simple detail of the goods with LED luminaries playing a game of light and shadows. Lighting can establish a store's image, lead customers inside, focus their attention and make the products attractive and visible. Commonly used traditional track luminaires light continuously which is far from an energy efficient solution. LED alternatives will save a large amount of energy, operating costs and maintenance. Shop lighting should have good color mixture, contrast and balance between lighted surfaces. All these are proven advantages of LED technology.