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Light, home & building market trends

Indoor lighting

LED lighting with number of advantages can make a difference within our indoor micro worlds and their needs

LEDs are gaining respect to new creative potential for indoor lighting especially in home surroundings , office and shop improving more and more the following main elements: as quality of light, its colour, direction and intensity adapting personal surrounding, task & mood lighting levels for each area of your indoor living place.

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Outdoor lighting

LED lighting is perfectly suited for outdoor use as they will bring you a number of years of virtually free maintenance service

LED technological ruggedness, low temperature operation and size allows designers to create luminaires in almost any shapes for outdoor use. Their durability is appropriate in applications with strong probability of lamp breakage especially in outdoor areas like industrial areas, gardens, bridges, public transportation objects and stadiums.

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Street lighting

LED technology is a key element for the future of dynamic traffic managment and street illumination

Wide usage of LED technology in Variable Message Signs (VMS) for traffic guidance and information purposes LED lighting provides better uniformity of illuminance of a street with main task - increasing visibility at night. Optical quality for street illumination and signalisation are used worldwide for safety purposes, better night vision and dynamic traffic management.

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Show lighting

Bring innovation and customer satisfaction riding on new LED technologies easy adapting personal style and integrity to each event

Various advantages of LED technology will bring you exceptional event lighting design, event production within electonic backup control, staging effects, optimised power solutions, exhibition lighting and an extensive selection of new ideas.

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