Smart consumer and Buildings Applications Introduction (LC)

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Home & building applications

Read about the most exciting application examples of the smart consumer & buildings market:


Connectivity and Interface (MM)

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Connectivity and interface

Wireline and wireless solutions

A wide portfolio of standard interfaces, Ethernet and dedicated connectivity ICs range from wireline to wireless. Wireline communication families of transceivers using different protocol standards such as PRIME, Meters and more.

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Fastest growing technology

The progress of Sensor Technology over the last 5-10 years has created one of the fastest growing markets we have ever known. "MEMS: Looking for the Next Killer App to Maintain Double-Digit Growth", "Motion Sensor Market for Smartphones and Tablet PCs are Set to Double by 2015" and many more.

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HMI - Human Machine Interface (MM)

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HMI - Human Machine Interface

Handling all levels of interactions

HMI includes user interfaces, operator panels or terminals and provides controlling, monitoring, managing and/or visualising device processes. HMI system’s usability is determined by its processing power, its ability to render complex and realistic screens, its fast response time to user input and its flexibility to handle various levels of interactions.

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Motion Control and Power Supply (MM)

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Motion control and power supply

Complete portfolio of innovative solutions

Innovative motion control and power supply solutions are leading us towards an almost complete portfolio of motor-drives, controls and power supplies. Along with broad analog and microcontroller portfolios we include comprehensive tools, software and support to deliver efficient, reliable, cost-effective Motor and Power Supply systems.

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Audio and video specific

Crystal clear sight and sound

Today's consumers demand the best performance and crystal-clear sound & picture wherever they are - in whatever format. Market-leading next-generation Audio ICs, applications processors and system-on-chip solutions offering the optimal balance of programmability, performance and power for mobile devices and industrial systems.

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