Market Trends Service Industry Embedded Vision Introduction (LC)

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Market trends: service industry embedded vision

Read about industrial market trends in the sectors of:


Electronic payment

E-payment is a subset of an e-commerce transaction to include electronic payment for buying and selling goods or services offered through the Internet

Generally we think of electronic payments as referring to online transactions on the internet, there are actually many forms of electronic payments. As technology develops, the range of devices and processes to transact electronically continues to increase while the percentage of cash and cheque transactions continues to decrease. The Internet has the potential to become the most active trade intermediary in a decade. Internet shopping will revolutionise retail by allowing consumers to sit in their homes and buy an enormous variety of products and services from all over the world.


Slot machines produced today are a far cry from their mechanical ancestors

Fusion of new age electronics with old fashioned nostalgia creates a machine that, while simple in theory, beguiles players on a regular basis. At the heart of all modern slot machines is an electronic control module called the Random Number Generator (RNG). This device replaces the original spinning wheel found in gambling machines from the first half of the twentieth century. The RNG is capable of continuously generating thousands of random numbers and, in the case of the three-reel slot, thousands of three-number combinations every second. Each of these three numbers in the combination serves to designate where the reels will stop.

Information and Advertising (MM)

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Information and advertising

Replace your posters and signboards with a much more effective means of communication

Digital signage solutions use a centralised structure to transmit messages to their target audience and include systems that manage the displays and their content. This can be used in communications with consumers or with internal personnel by successfully spreading content for different purposes such as advertising, entertainment or information. Kiosk offers an end-to-end solution which turns digital signage systems into solutions to match the exact needs of the clients and includes system installation, content provisioning, display management and technical support.