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Applications: gaming

There are numerous applications for the industrial market due to the many related sectors. EBV presents the most exciting application examples within the fields of:


Slot machines

Slot machines are mechanical devices which employ three, four or even more reels of several different dimensions and are popularly used as gaming devices in casinos

The video slot machines use video reels rather than using physical reels. Every reel, whether it is physical or virtual, will have on it different symbols. The symbols could be just about anything: numbers, fruits, bells or any other type of characters. One of the most favorite characters on the slot machine reels is number 7, which can be seen in almost all types of slot machines today.


Pinball has come a long way in the last ten years or so, particularly in complexity, rulesets and game quality

Pinball will continue to advance with the introduction of high-tech devices incorporated into machines, such as LEDs, LCDs, colour dot-matrix displays, and today new colour LCD and plasma flat panel monitors replacing the traditional pinball playing field.

Betting terminal

Self-service betting terminals are flagship products of today´s betting industry providing a comprehensive retail betting experience to customers anywhere in the world

By integrating a variety of broadcast, data and pricing feeds they are able to provide a unique automated betting experience. Models using dual touch screen terminals have achieved regulatory approval in multiple jurisdictions and can integrate a wide range of funding mechanisms and identification protocols. In addition there are wall-mounted and portable tablets for use in retail offering all the functionality of terminals, saving space and allowing the bettor to focus on in-play betting. With a simple back office function operated by a barcode reader, the terminals and tablets are easily managed by a wide range of customers from bars to casinos to betting shops all over the world.