Indsutrial Applications Introduction (LC)

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Industrial applications

There are numerous applications for the industrial market due to the many related sectors. EBV presents the most exciting application examples within the fields of:


Test and measurement

The need for testing is a requirement of all market segments

Regardless of the end market, all products have to be tested before being shipping to the end-customer. This dynamic drives the pervasive nature of the test and measurement segment, which includes all EBV vertical segments.

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Factory automation

There is increasing consolidation amongst manufacturers of automation technology

Companies have been looking to expand horizontally, by making products for different types of manufacturing, and vertically, by targeting different levels of manufacturing operations.

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Process control

Competitive pressures will not allow any company in these industries to ignore the significant efficiencies possible through adopting modern process control technologies

In the process industries, the biggest challenge facing process engineers will be the reduction of variable costs whilst maintaining product quality. Advanced process control is the most effective technology available to realise this objective.

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Embedded computing

Great advancements in the electronics technology are producing new age applications

Package densities of electronic devices, shrinking of physical weight and volume, price package deals and distribution sales and technical support networks have all helped for the realisation of ubiquitous computing using mobile and embedded electronic devices for everyday use


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Embedded vision

Emerging high-volume embedded vision markets include automotive safety, surveillance, and gaming

Embedded vision algorithms identify objects in a scene, and consequently produce one region of an image that has more importance than other regions of the image. Object and face detection can be used to enhance video conferencing experience or management of public security.

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Electronic payment

BLE can be a serious NFC rival that really could revolutionise payments and commerce

The Bluetooth Low Energy communications frequency has a range of up to 50 metres and can be used for a host of applications including payments, peer-to-peer fund transfers, as well as notifications and offers, as part of in-store loyalty and marketing campaigns.

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Motor control

Most of the new trends for BLDC motor drives require a high performance controller with a high speed microprocessor

DSPs can execute sophisticated algorithms to improve motor performance in areas such as noise control, variable speed and energy efficiency. As the complexity of the algorithms in motor control has increased DSPs provide much of the bandwidth and programmability required for 

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Power conversion

High density power systems require very high efficiency, excellent power density and ease of implementation

EBV offers a wide portfolio of power semiconductor families to cover high performance power conversion requirements from telecom, datacom and industrial applications to UPS, power generators, power supplies, converters and welding machines.

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By integrating a variety of broadcast, data and pricing feeds they are able to provide a unique automated gaming experience

Different models of slot machines, pin ball machines or betting terminals using dual touch screen terminals, embedded processing boards with integration ofhighest levels ofidentification, security and authenticationare presentingclear targets for our industrial segment.

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Information and Advertising (MM)

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Information and advertising

Revolution of interactive and engaging portals designed for public use delivering information and enabling transactions is here

Today's digital signage is becoming an interactive and engaging portal. Standard or custom applications developed for information kiosks provide customers with not only information but also the ability to participate in loyalty programmes and transaction capability.

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