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There are currently a lot of challenges in the public health sector. Healthcare costs are rising in countries across the world due to the fact that the global population is both growing and getting older. In most industrialized nations, the public health sector also faces the problem of quick growing numbers of people suffering from chronic diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels.

As before, we remain far from the fully automated diagnostic bed, as used by Dr. McCoy (‘Bones’) the doctor of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, but already electronics enable physicians to obtain detailed information about the state of certain...

Modern tools required for the surgery/operation contain a lot of High end electronics. From laser scalpels, high-frequency surgery and bone cutters to navigation devices and surgical robots for high-precision cutting.

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Market trends and applications

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Blog article

EBV On The Road To Find The Next IoT Hero

What is important for IoT start-ups to be successful in this turbulent and demanding technology market? That was one of the questions that have been discussed.

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Infineon switches and drivers

Infineon develops its gate driver IC solutions leveraging the company’s application expertise and advanced tech know-how, making them the perfect fit for a multitude of applications.




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Case Study


Cosinuss° Engages EBV to Develop a Wearable IoT Device to Monitor Vital Signs

Healthcare and Wearables Simyball (GBL)

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Case Study


EBV Takes Away Stress of IoT Product Development for SimyLife

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Stay up to date and read about latest healthcare & wearables news and trends on our new EBV Blog.

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