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Market Trends Commercial Vehicles Introduction (LC)

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Market trends: commercial vehicles

What are the current trends in the automotive sector? Cars, especially E-vehicles or autonomous driving cars of course, but also agricultural vehicles or road services like control units for toll systems are current hot topics. Read more about the most exciting automotive trends:


Trucks and box vans

High reliability, high safety level and more comfort

As for all commercial vehicles, trucks and vans make extraordinary demands on the electronic systems because they are in constant daily use for many hours at a time. Semiconductors thereby ensure particularly high reliability of the vehicles, while permitting a high level of safety and increased comfort.

Articulated lorries

High availability for driving many hours a day

Articulated lorries, along with other types of commercial vehicles, are in heavy use for many hours of the day and therefore make extraordinary demands on the electronic systems. Semiconductors here ensure extremely high availability of the vehicles while increasing levels of safety and comfort.

Coaches and buses

More elaborate infotainment system for constant daily usage

Coaches, buses and mini-buses are required to be available for almost constant daily use, which significantly increases demand on the electronic systems. Semiconductors play a major part in ensuring high reliability of the vehicles while increasing their comfort and safety. In comparison with other commercial vehicles, buses need a considerably more elaborate infotainment system, which in many cases includes the replay of videos for health and safety purposes.


Semiconductors for communication and paying

In addition to the general automotive requirements, taxis also require various devices for communicating with their central office, partly for billing credit cards as well as for a variety of other functions that might come into play.


Semiconductors for communication between towing vehicle and trailers

With trailers, the main requirements are in communications with the towing vehicle as well as its lighting and signalling. If the rear lights contain LEDs, then the appropriate control system is also required for them.