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Market Trends Agricultural and Off-road Vehicles Introduction (LC)

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Market trends: agricultural and off-road vehicles

What are the current trends in the automotive sector? Cars, especially E-vehicles or autonomous driving cars of course, but also agricultural vehicles or road services like control units for toll systems are current hot topics. Read more about the most exciting automotive trends:



Rugged reliability and high availability

Tractors, through their extremely high and constant usage, make extraordinary demands on the electronic systems. Semiconductors here enable rugged reliability and high availability of the vehicles as well as enabling a high level of safety and comfort. In addition, tractors must be able to communicate with other machinery components as well as allowing precise and often unmanned driving according to specified GPS co-ordinates.

Harvesting machinery

Semiconductors for a reliable controlling electronic system

Machinery such as combined harvesters are always in constant use during the Summer and Autumn and make incredibly high demands on the controlling electronic systems. Semiconductors play a key role in ensuring particularly high availability of the vehicles, but also allow increased comfort. The failure of harvesting machinery during the relatively narrow harvesting time window must be prevented at all costs. This aspect is always at the forefront during the design stages of the corresponding electronic systems.

Heavy equipment

Reliable heavy daily usage make semiconductors important

Vehicles for building sites such as excavators, caterpillar tractors, etc., are also subjected to heavy daily use and make exceptional demands on the electronic systems. Semiconductors ensure particularly high availability of the vehicles, while also allowing a high level of safety and increased comfort. Communication with auxiliary equipment also plays a key part.

Forklift trucks

Appropriate semiconductors for gas-driven engines

Many forklift trucks operate using gas-driven engines that must be precisely controlled - and EBV Elektronik already has the appropriate semiconductor devices for this in its product range.