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Automotive market trends Title (MT)

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Automotive market trends

Automotive Market Trends Introduction (LC)

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What are the current trends in the automotive sector? Cars, especially E-vehicles or autonomous driving cars of course, but also agricultural vehicles or road services like control units for toll systems are current hot topics. Read more about the most exciting automotive trends:



Cars used to be solitary machines

Not so anymore – the digital content is rising. Cars are able to connect to each other exchange Information - they can coordinate braking and acceleration, hence distancing themselves automatically with lightning fast reaction times. Finally cars will be robot, connected and driving autonomously.

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Light vehicles

Rising living standards

Environmental awareness initiate new waves to shift from mechanical to electronic control systems in light conventional vehicles such as bicycles and motorcycles. Demand for small electric vehicles such as electric-powered bicycles (e-bikes) is growing around the world.

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Commercial vehicles

Extraordinary demands on electronic systems

Due to constant daily use for many hours at a time for all commercial vehicles, trucks make extraordinary demands on the electronic systems Semiconductors thereby ensure particularly high reliability of the vehicles, while permitting a high level of safety and increased comfort.

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Agricultural and Off-road Vehicles (MM)

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Agricultural and off-road vehicles

Rugged reliability and high availability

Through their extremely high and constant usage, make extraordinary demands on the electronic systems. Semiconductors here enable rugged reliability and high availability of the vehicles as well as enabling a high level of safety and comfort.

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Road services

Control units for toll systems are used for billing road charges

With the coming V2X – Standards the automotive requirements will be meet to secure the communicate into infrastructure, safety or parking management services. This enables a smart mobility and help to manage the traffic.

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