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Applications Comfort Introduction (LC)

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Applications: comfort

Within the automotive market, there are reams of applications. EBV presents some of the most exciting application examples in the fields of:


DIS infotainment

Great comfort combined in one system

Infotainment and Driver Information Systems (DIS) have now gained a great deal of importance, even in smaller cars. This means that the display functionality of the vehicle, together with navigation, Internet access, radio and other music playback units are integrated into one system.


Communication in vehicles

Telematic units are also used, above all in commercial vehicles. This concerns communication units that create a connection to a centre. Because the communication unit is located in a vehicle however, it is also exposed to the demanding vehicle environment. Developing into Vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to environment connection.


Cameras to make life and parking easier

As well as the front camera, which is used in safety-relevant driver assistance systems, more and more vehicles now have a reversing camera, which in particular is obligatory in the USA for new registrations from 2014 (source NHTSA: www.nytimes.com/2012/02/28/business/us-rule-set-for-cameras-at-cars-rear.html ).
The next stage is then surround-view cameras, which offer an all-round view. EBV is working here together with its customers on solutions for trucks and other commercial vehicles. If the legislative authority should require such systems, EBV Elektronik is definitely prepared. With reference platforms and expert support, EBV Elektronik can help its customers to achieve professional designs within a relatively short timeframe. 

Ambient light

Light as an impression of lifestyle

Lighting in the automobile is more than just pure illumination because it can also be used to control the mood and to increase the sense of well-being in the vehicle. Nothing else can underline the individual impression of ‘lifestyle’. This area is a domain of the LED, for which the appropriate control is also required. 

Interior light

Perfect colour for each situation

Where bulbs were used earlier, nowadays we find LEDs in lighting applications inside the vehicle. The trend here is towards more power and more comfort, for instance to individually match the colour of the interior of the vehicle to the current situation.


Sensors for a better feeling and more comfort

Today’s vehicles cannot be imagined without sensors, for the aim is to capture and evaluate variables such as pressure, temperature, humidity, brightness, sunlight and much more at various points on the vehicle.