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Automotive Applications Introduction (LC)

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Automotive applications

Within the automotive market, there are reams of applications. EBV presents some of the most exciting application examples in the fields of:



Right balance of economic progress, environmental care and social responsibility

Recognition of environmental responsibility is not only good for busines, but become an integral part of the way how vehicles are marketed, purchased and driven. Adding Economic and Social progress brings sustainability to our future one of the most important industrial impacts.

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Interaction between the driver, the vehicle and the environment

Comfort related electronics and electrical drives offer drivers and passengers continuously improved indoor environment with focus on the segments DIS, Telematic, DAS (Camera), Ambient & Interior Light and Sensors in order to host many other functionalities in the future. For sure - the definition of comfort in the age of autonomous vehicles have to be redefined.

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Sensors register the situation in and around the vehicle

Safety spectrum ranges from purely camera-based systems, through lidar systems to radar systems; as well as the sensors for surrounding area detection, which require a very fast evaluation of data. Building the basement which leads finally into autonomous vehicles.

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Connected car

In other words let the vehicle participate the IoT

The last years already brought a lot of connected devices inside the car i.e. mobile phones. Now it is to bring the car itself to the internet and connect the vehicle with its environment. But what we learned from the past is that all have to be done in a structured and secure way.

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Define your own semiconductor products

You will receive exactly the products and technologies you require for specific application. Breaking the limits lower power consumption and exceed the temperature limits for the needs of your design are some challenges we take. There already successfully launched EBV chips for our Automotive customers i.e. EPONA - programmable alternator regulator allows to make even refurbished alternator more efficient.

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System solutions

With the appropriate reference boards, developers can learn to not only break into the matter quickly, and familiarise themselves with the corresponding semiconductors, but they can also save a lot of time. After registering you will be able to communicate with our design expert sharing block diagrams within our Build Your Block Design tool.

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