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Automotive challenges accepted.

Automotive technologies have progressed by leaps and bounds over the last few years. With industry competition as it is today, the optimisation of your time-to-market is more important than ever. Getting your product out of the door faster is a major contributor to the future success of your business.

That is where EBV comes in. Our specialist team of automotive and aerospace experts has the knowledge and experience to bring your innovative idea to life – fast.

Whether you are developing tomorrow’s flying car, a connected bike or even a low-earth orbiting satellite, we can help you solve your challenges. Design support, help with technical specifications and commercial questions – those are just a few of the services we offer. Not forgetting our decades of experience in solving logistical and supply-chain challenges! 

Automotive Market trends and applications (LC)

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Market trends and applications

Automotive Market trends and applications (Table)

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Market trends Application areas
Cars ADAS, Automotive Infotainment & Cluster
Light Vehicles Automotive Power Train and Chassis
Commercial Vehicles Commercial, Construction and Agricultural Vehicles
Agricultural and Off-road Vehicles Connected Car, Body Electronics and Automotive Lighting
Road Services Aerospace, Defense and High Temp Electronics



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Blog article

Power Distribution In Electric Vehicles

There can’t actually be no doubt about it anymore that electric vehicles will replace classical automobiles one day completely. At least many experts are absolutely convinced of it, and so heavy research and development is underway on that field.

Featured product highlights Automotive (LC)

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Featured product highlights

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EBV & Infineon: Electrification of Commercial Vehicles

Charging the EV is an important topic, and charging with high-power DC-chargers is the most powerful option. This currently allows charging powers of up to 350 kW. Operation with two chargers in parallel can even double the charging power.

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Product Highlights Infineon EE (GBL)

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Infineon Advanced E/E Architecture

Discover the next generation of automotive mobility with advanced E/E architecture and the benefits of 48V boardnet functions to design the car of the future.

Product Highlights Infineon- DC EV Charging (GBL)

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Infineon Fast EV Charging

With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming viable alternatives to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles in some markets, the demand for a fast EV charging infrastructure is growing.

Product Highlights Infineon Wireless Charging (GBL)

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Go Wireless with Infineon!

At home, at work, in the car or on the go - let's respond to the growing demand for non-wired battery charging solutions!



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