Market Trends Defence Introduction (LC)

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Market trends: defence

Products and solutions with high reliability are crucial for the following markets:


Non-civil aviation

High-standard electronic components

Electronic components are used in non-civil aviation, for example in flight control and communication. The difference between commercial electronics and electronics for non-civil avionics has considerably reduced in recent years, because the standards for the qualification of components for these two areas of aviation are becoming increasingly compatible. For us, the applications in the two markets are identical with one exception: in non-civil aviation there is no in-cabin entertainment. Therefore, it is partly a matter of supporting corresponding items, which must still work even under extreme loads.  Having their origins in non-civil aviation, drones are being intensively developed into products for the civil area, since, for example, they can be well deployed to monitor commercial sites. There are now very simple versions of civil drones for the consumer market, in the form of quadrocopters (quadrotor helicopters), which are controlled via smartphone. These are toys, but already the next higher value products are sophisticated aircraft, which fly along predetermined routes and constantly transmit pictures or a video data stream. Whether or not this data comes from a video camera in the visible or infrared range is not relevant for the data transmission per se. The important thing is that the drones always remain under the full control of the owner, and therefore special safety and security measures are required.

Naval equipment

High-quality industrial components

System manufacturers in the naval equipment sector are increasingly focussing on green technologies. EBV Elektronik is particularly strong on consultancy in this and other environmental areas. Sometimes particularly high-quality industrial components are used in this sector.

Non-civil fleets

Support for non-civil fleets

Non-civil fleets already make full use of the automotive standards for the AECQ standard platform rather than MIL STD 884. Since various semiconductor manufacturers ban design-in of their components going beyond the civil sector, we take it upon itself to convert the strategy of semiconductor manufacturers in this field and not to provide any support to particular manufacturers in this non-civil area. On the other hand, we are also able to recommend products to its customers that are suitable for use beyond the purely civil area, and to provide the appropriate support.

High-tech warfare

Personal protection in the high-tech warfare sector

In the high-tech warfare sector, we primarily provide support for personal protection, such as the design of infrared cameras for night vision in mobile applications (helmet camera), or stationary systems for monitoring objects. This relates more to visual image processing than to real weapons systems. For example, helmet cameras provide the image data for a mobile electronic night vision device with residual light intensifier or for pure infrared images, where the processed image data is displayed in front of the eyes via a semi-transparent LCD - for example, for pilots or groups of troops on foot.