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Glossary High-Rel Introduction (LC)

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As experts in high-rel market, EBV can help you to recognise the most common terms and abbreviations in the areas of AQEC and Radiation:


AQEC stands for Aerospace Qualified Electronic Component standard. This standard was jointly developed by the aerospace and semiconductor industries to define the minimum requirements for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components used in defense avionic and aerospace applications. Analog and embedded processing products are in industry-standard packages and have the benefits of a controlled baseline (one assembly/test site, one fabrication site), extended product change notification, extended temperature performance and qualification pedigree.

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For this Manual, either ionizing or displacement. Ionizing radiation creates charge carriers in insulators and reversed biased junction where there were previously almost no carriers. Displacement radiation, particularly neutron radiation, produces defects in atomic (i.e., lattice) structures. These defects act as traps and recombination centers to reduce the free-carrier lifetime and (thermally generated) carrier density.

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