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Take back service for trays

Due to high costs of buying new trays every year, the Transport-Management-Team of Avnet Logistics introduces a new tool for EBV’s customers. We are offering a service to enable you to send empty trays back at our costs. All you have to do is click here: 


A Login is not necessary: Just submit your company details and provide details on the weight. (This portal enables only parcel shipments under 70kg. If you want to ship pallets please use the DHL Freight order form). For each additional parcel, a new label has to be created. After entering the required data, you will receive immediately a label that you can print and attach to the parcel. If you have regular collections with UPS you can hand over the parcel together with your other shipments. Otherwise you should get in touch with UPS in order to schedule a collection (more details are online available).
If you prefer to store the trays in your warehouse and send a bigger quantity on pallets, please use the prefilled DHL Freight order form and send it per mail to auftrag.muenchen[at]dhl.com. Goods will be sent to our Partner Matrium GmbH where it will be washed and sorted. The invoice for the transport costs will be automatically sent to Avnet.
Please note that we can’t accept trays from non EU country because of customs issue. Freight costs for shipment made without the UPS Tool or DHL collection order won’t be paid by Avnet. For further questions, please contact ALS-Poing-Transportmanagement@avnet.eu.



A “win-win-situation” for everyone of us

  • Avnet’s carbon-footprint is reduced by 65 metric tons by not shipping new trays from Asia to Poing
  • Avnet avoids approx. 10 metric tons of additional plastic produced, purchased, and circulated
  • Avnet’s customers reduce their waste profile + costs by not scrapping trays but sending them back
  • Avnet’s customers reduce their administration and archiving by not obtaining and filing a certificate of waste disposal
  • We start re-using our packaging materials with that
  • Overall: Avnet and its customers save money and become more green